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    Practice overview
    I am a mother of 4, wife and advocate for moms and baby. My personal experiences are what got me into this field, to help educate mom and dad for labor and birth and to be the best support person I can be. I help you with the birth you desire and I help Dad with techniques for labor. I am also a postpartum doula. I help with the transition of the new baby at home during the postpartum period. I have the experience and knowledge to help with your breast feeding journey as well. I am also a Placenta Specialist!

    Years experience


    Families supported


    Birth Rate


    Hourly Rate


    Care philosophy
    My goal is to help moms have the birth they desire. To make it the best experience for them. I advocate for their needs and desires. I help with transition of having a newborn at home and I will help with your breast feeding journey.


    • Birth doula support
    • Postpartum doula support
    • In-home lactation visits
    • Virtual lactation visits
    • HypnoBirthing classes
    • Placenta encapsulation
    • Adoption doula support
    • Bereavement doula support
    • Fertility doula support
    • Virtual doula support
    • Babywearing
    • Childbirth education
    • General childbirth education classes
    • Doula support
    • Nutrition
    • Lactation support

    Specialties and Experience

    • Cesarean birth
    • LGBTQ
    • People of color
    • Plus size
    • Previous birth trauma and/or birth injury
    • Previous life trauma
    • Single parents
    • Survivors of sexual abuse
    • Teen parents
    • Vaginal breech birth
    • VBAC
    • Waterbirth

    Care settings

    • Birthing center
    • Home
    • Hospital


    • English
    • Spanish


    • Peer Lactation Counselor
    • Doula/BirthKeeper
    • Placenta Specialist
    • Herbs and Nutrition
    • Intensive hands on Birthkeeping and placenta training
    • Postpartum Doula
    • Prenatal Doula
    • Bereavement Doula
    • Fertility Doula
    • Trauma Informed Professional


    Pricing packages

    Free Virtual Consultation
    We can have a video chat meeting to see if we are a good fit and if I am a fit for your birth team. This is a FREE CONSULTATION!! Go to
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Birth Support
    $ 2000
    I help with techniques for labor, I educate both mom and dad through what labor can look like. I will be part of your support team and advocate when you need me to. We will go over birth preferences and any fears you may have. Talk about all of your options for birth. 2 prenatal visits to discuss these questions or concerns, and 1 breastfeeding session included in this package along with support during your labor and birth.
    Sliding scale pricing available
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Lactation Services
    $ 75 /hr
    I can come to your home or we can do a virtual session through Skype. I will help with any breastfeeding concerns, questions or fears. I will help with latch and make sure baby is eating well. I will share basic breastfeeding information.
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Postpartum Doula
    $ 45 /hr
    Through this service, I will help with the transition of a new baby. I will come to your home to help with light housework, help with siblings (if any), help with your Breastfeeding journey (with any questions or concerns). I can help with baby if mom needs a small /quick break. Educate on newborn care if needed. And to be a support person for mom during the postpartum period. Minimum of 4 hours to book this service.
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Placenta Encapsulation
    $ 250
    As a Placenta Specialist , I am able to encapsulate your placenta, make placenta chocolates, salves and more. I also specialize in non consumption ways of utilizing the benefits of your Placenta. There are many great benefits from your Placenta.
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Partner's Perspective Guidance
    $ 75 /hr
    Virtual Session, (1 hour session) This one is for the partners, specifically from a male's perspective of the partner. One of our guide specialists will offer the perspectives and resources from the male side of things as a partner.


    Areas served

    • Western Washington
    • Anywhere Virtually


    • Sally
      May 2, 2022 at 12:53 am | Peer review
      5 /5

      Cynthia is a wonderful source of knowledge in the birth community. She has amazing resources and is very compassionate to the families she serves. She is a great advocate for families, especially those who have experienced trauma in the past – making sure their voices are heard and validated.

    • Cherise
      May 17, 2022 at 2:49 pm | Client review
      5 /5

      Cynthia supported the birth of my 4th baby during the pandemic in 2020. At the time I was couch surfing with my 3 older kids and was planning to have a home birth. Things were scary and unknown but when Cynthia became my doula, I felt a safe. She did everything in her power to support me and my wishes. Cynthia provided appointments and information prior to birth. Showed up as a strong and steady force at my birth. Supported me postpartum with meals, encapsulating my placenta, making postpartum tinctures, meals. Etc. I recommend her services to everyone I know. She cares deeply about her clients and supporting women to achieve their dream birth.

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