father and son

Support for your
growing family.

Every family is unique — each with their own hopes, dreams, and challenges.

By promoting education and personalized support throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood, 
we’re empowering new parents to make the best 
decisions for the health and happiness of their growing household.

father and son
baby photos

We’re a close-knit team that
recognizes the passionate pros
who support growing families.

Rather than accepting a broken birthcare system, where impersonal office visits and medical interventions take priority over education and individualized care, we’re flipping the script.


We believe that one-on-one support and informed decision-making can turn the fear and anxiety associated with birth into pure joy and excitement.  The way it should be.


At Meela, we’re here to support our pros and empower parents as they embark on their journey into parenthood.

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We’re committed to diversity and inclusion.

We’re dedicated to embracing and fostering a diverse community. All families and individuals are welcome – regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ethnicity, ability, sex or age.