How Meela works for pros


Be seen on our unique network

Thousands of new and expecting parents use Meela each month to find pros like you. Parents can search profiles and reviews in real-time—and then filter results to explore their best matches.

If a parent reaches out to you, you’ll get a message in your Meela inbox. There’s no charge to respond and convert them into a new client.


Build a winning profile

A strong profile is critical to your success on Meela. Make sure to clearly list your experience, training, and the value you bring to the parents you’re hoping to serve. After entering your info, you must verify your profile.

We also strongly suggest that you request reviews from your former clients. Positive client reviews are the single most important part of your profile. Reviews add credibility to your services and allow potential clients to actually see how your expertise can improve their experience.


Pro tip: Compile a list of all your clients’ email addresses, and use Meela to invite them to review you. If they don’t respond within a few days, we recommend a friendly follow-up email.


Find more job opportunities

As a Meela pro, you can freely browse all open jobs on our platform. Parents create these job posts so pros like you can review and reach out to them, should your experience be a good fit. Each job includes important details, such as location, budget, service, due date, and more.

Use the Find birthwork tab to browse current opportunities, and use the filters to find the jobs that match your location and services. Make sure to download the Meela app so you can quickly respond to job posts that fit your practice.


Connect with intention

When responding to Meela’s open job posts, make every word count. Keep your pitch short but comprehensive, warm yet professional—and make it relevant to how your experience relates to the parent’s specific needs. Clearly articulate your services and pricing, if appropriate.

Last but not least, make it a point to reach out as soon as possible. The earlier you respond to a job post, the better your chance of getting hired.


Pro tip: Remember that when you reach out to a parent, they’ll already be able to review your profile. Focus on only the most relevant information when you reach out—tell them how your experience delivers on their unique job description.

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