How A Lactations Consultant Can Help With Breastfeeding

Know what signs indicate you may need a lactation consultant, and how can a consultant help.

When holding your new bundle of joy in your arms, the world seems to change. Nothing will ever be the same; it’s a new journey and new responsibilities. There are many considerations such as what to name your new baby, choosing between disposable diapers or cloth, and also breastfeeding or bottle-feed your baby. This is a personal choice. If the decision to breast feed is the one for you, consider lactation consultants in NYC.

How do Lactation Consultants in NYC Help?

The first few weeks with a newborn baby are some of the most crucial. When breastfeeding, this is when baby and you will learn to feed and bond. Lactation consultants in NYC can help with physical and emotional support for both mom and baby. Often this relationship begins in the hospital; the consultant can be there physically to help and may require touching the breast and nipple of the mom, and the lips of the baby to help promote a strong latch.

When to Call Lactation Consultants in NYC?

There are times when moms get frustrated and want to just give up breastfeeding thinking that bottle feeding is the way to go. Don’t give up hope.

There are some basic signs that you may need help.

•  Moms’ breasts are too full and can be painful
•  The breast ducts are infected, and breastfeeding becomes painful
•  Nipples are cracked or sore
•  There is not enough milk being produced
•  The baby is not able to find a good nursing position with the mom
•  The baby is not able to suck
•  There is a concern about the baby’s weight gain
•  Baby just refuses to drink from the breast

What can a lactation consultant in NYC do?

One of the biggest assets of hiring a consultant is emotional support and reassurance. When things are not going well, having someone who understands and will be there through all the concerns allows the mom to focus on the needs of the baby.

•  Lactation consultants in NYC can help moms not only produce milk but also to maintain breast milk. When there is the proper amount of milk being produced it will reduce the engorgement.
•  Nipples that are cracked and sore make it almost unbearable to breastfeed and the anxiety can affect the feeding. Consultants have the knowledge of the best treatment for pain and cracked nipples.
•  Even when the mom produces milk and has no concerns with pain, cracked nipples, or infections, breastfeeding can still be a challenge when the baby is not latching properly. The consultant can help the mom and baby latch properly.

There is nothing like the bond between mom and child. This bond grows and intensifies with breastfeeding. This bond can also deteriorate when breastfeeding does not go well. Lactation consultants can help with emotional and physical support to ensure that breastfeeding goes well. They can help answer questions and work with the mom to find the best solutions to any breastfeeding concern.


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