Is A Night Nurse Right for You? Things to Consider About Hiring A Baby Nurse

Night nurses are a big help for parents who need time to recover and sleep after bringing the new baby home. Night nurses are covered by some insurance plans, and they are a lifesaver during those stressful first few weeks when parents are learning the new routines with baby. Night nurses can also help baby learn to sleep and develop good eating habits.

Night nurses in Chicago will make all the difference to you and your family during the first few weeks or months that you are home with your new baby. Becoming a parent is big change, and having a night nurse means that there is someone there to lend a hand during this time of transition. But, if you are on the fence, or not certain if it is the right thing, here are some things to consider when thinking about hiring a baby nurse.

The first few weeks can be stressful

Hiring a night nurse may be the right decision if you are still in recovery from the delivery. In order to give the new baby the care and attention that he or she will need in the first few weeks at home, you need time to recover too. The first few weeks are hard on the physical and mental health of parents and caregivers. You need sleep, especially if it was a C-section or an otherwise long and difficult delivery. The baby cries, doesn’t sleep for longer than 30 minutes at a time, and may be having difficulty latching on. A night nurse will take care of the baby while you recover and sleep.

While there is a variety of different kinds of people that can help you, night nurses in Chicago and night nurses in other cities are certified professionals. Always check to be sure that the qualifications that the night nurse has matches what you need. Some night nannies have nursing certifications, or other certificates for helping with sleep or feeding issues.

What night nurses do not do

Night nurses in Chicago come into the home to help with the new baby. They are not there to do other household chores or babysit older children. A night nanny, or a night nurse, arrives at night and leaves in the morning. Their job is to train babies to sleep through the night when parents are too exhausted to do it themselves, or to feed and care for the baby during the night.

Benefits of a night nurse

Ensuring that mom gets a good night’s sleep for the first few months is important. Sleep will help to lower the risks of postpartum depression, and lets parents learn better how to take care of the baby. Postpartum depression can be very serious and if it becomes too much, it can be dangerous. Hiring a night nurse to help is the right decision in this situation.

Where to find night nurses?

Night nurses in Chicago are recommended online, by clinics, and by licensed medical practitioners. Here at Meela we provide you with access to professional night nurses in Chicago.


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