Juno is Launching for Birth Workers and Re-branding to Meela

We are excited to announce that we are re-branding from Juno to Meela and officially launching our platform for birth workers. A note to our customers.
The new logo. Juno is launching for birth workers and re-branding to Meela.

When our customers signed up for Juno back in 2019, our primary goal was to collect feedback from birth workers and parents. We wanted to hear what our professionals needed to grow their practices and what today’s parents needed to facilitate a better, healthier and more empowering birth experience.

We asked and you answered. We are thankful to you, our community of birth workers and families, for giving us the feedback we needed to launch a better product. What you see today is the byproduct of over 1 year of incredibly hard work, collaboration, passion and support.

But, we’re not done yet. Our team is more energized than ever to continue improving Meela for both birth workers and families, building innovative solutions to expand access to those that need it most.

In the next few days and weeks, as we launch our new and improved platform, you can expect to start seeing a lot more of us.

For parents and families, you will see more professionals joining the community, providing you with a larger diversity of doulas, lactation counselors and childbirth educators who are ready to support you.

Additionally, we’ll be rolling out a newsletter that will deliver cutting edge content to you directly from our community of birth workers. Our professionals are on the front lines of maternity care, and we’re excited to bring their voice and experience to you.

For birth workers, you’ll see a few more emails from us, with tips and tricks on how to update your profile to take advantage of the exciting new features we’ve built to help you connect with the families that are looking for you.

Here are some of the new features that you’ll find on your Meela profile:

  • Birth Fees & Hourly Rates: Parents and potential clients can now filter for pros based on birth fees and hourly rates.
  • Flexible Pricing: Are you currently offering free or discounted services? If so, use this feature to help families who need you, find you.
  • Specialties: LGBTQ+, VBACs, and more. Our specialties and experience feature helps you connect with those looking for you.

Grow your doula practice with Meela

Expecting parents are looking for your services. Sign up today and get connected.
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Our gorgeous and easy-to-use mobile app makes it easier to manage your clients from anywhere, with secure messaging and invoicing. The app also improves your clients’ experience by making payments and messaging seamless and organized.

We’ve even built a collaborative birth planning tool which enables your clients to build a birth plan on the app and share it with you and the rest of their birth team.

Thank you again for joining our community. We pledge to always put you first and continue working tirelessly to help families find the support they need and to support birth workers in building their businesses.

We look forward to growing together.

With love,
The Meela Team

Meela Team

We’re a close-knit team that recognizes the passionate pros who support growing families. Rather than accepting a broken birthcare system, where impersonal office visits and medical interventions take priority over education and individualized care, we’re flipping the script. We believe that one-on-one support and informed decision-making can turn the fear and anxiety associated with birth into pure joy and excitement. The way it should be. At Meela, we’re here to support our pros and empower parents as they embark on their journey into parenthood.


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