Seven Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lactation Consultant

Read this blog post to learn the benefits of hiring professional lactation consultants.

Breastfeeding, especially for new parents, can be a stressful experience for both the parents and the baby. When beginning to breastfeed, there are many physical and mental adjustments that must be made. In order to make these adjustments as easy as possible and ensure there are no unforeseen health issues, it’s best to meet with a professional lactation consultant.

Understanding Your Body

After giving birth, there are many changes to your body as it begins to prepare milk for your baby. The glands in your breasts will swell and grow uncomfortable as more milk is produced. Along with other postpartum changes, this can be a stressful experience. By consulting one of our lactation consultants in Houston, you can have all your questions answered and come to a better understanding of your body.

Familiarity With Your Baby

Babies have many cues and signals that can alert parents to their needs and wants. When it comes to nursing, baby cues can alert parents to hunger, discomfort and potentially health issues. For new parents, it can be difficult and confusing to interpret your baby’s signals. Professional lactation consultants are experienced in caring for newborns and are extremely familiar with common baby cues. With the proper teaching, anyone can learn to read and interpret signals from their baby.

Specific Solutions

While there are similarities in each nursing mother, no one is exactly the same. Our lactation consultants in Houston have worked with many different situations and health complications. This allows them to effectively analyze your personal situation and give specific solutions for your body and your baby.

Experienced Care

When looking for help and advice, experience is one of the best qualifiers. Each of our lactation consultants in Houston has undergone extensive training and has hundreds of hours of experience working with parents and their babies, both before and after birth. This gives them the experience they need to fully support and guide you and your new baby for however long you need.

Emotional Support

Having a baby and beginning to nurse is often a very stressful process for new mothers, even when there are no issues. Have a lactation consultant guide you through the process and watch out for any warning signs or potential health concerns. Lactation consultants are especially helpful if a new mother is lacking in support from friends of family, as a consultant can step in and provide moral support through the early process of nursing.

Proven Advice

With the hours of experience and hundreds of success stories our lactation consultants in Houston possess, their advice has been proven to work. When looking to hire a lactation consultant, it’s important to look at their past experiences and customer reviews to ensure they will be a good fit for you. When you find a lactation consultant with experience in situations similar to yours, you can be sure you will get the right advice.

Scheduling Help

When first taking your newborn home and beginning breastfeeding, finding the right schedule for your baby and yourself can be challenging. A lactation consultant can help you plan the right time to feed your baby while ensuring you get the proper amount of rest. As your baby grows, your consultant can also guide you through shifts in your feeding schedule to meet your baby’s needs and allow you to resume some regular responsibilities.

Whether your pregnancy has just begun or your child has already been born, hiring one of our experienced lactation consultants in Houston can be extremely helpful as you prepare for and begin taking care of your baby. They can guide you through the unfamiliar process of nursing and help you understand your body and your baby throughout the process. Visit our website to know more.


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