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    Hello, my name is Nitalia, I am a military wife and mother of two. Ever since I was a young girl, I had a passion for all things pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and helping others which eventually grew into the dream of wanting to become an OBGYN. I am still pursuing this dream but I desired to do something that would utilize my interests in the meantime putting me on the path to get certified as a birth and postpartum doula.
    I look to have a Christ centered approach to my doula work, striving to support my clients as they go through the experiences of pregnancy and/or the adventure of postpartum life. My goal as a birth and postpartum doula is to serve my clients by providing informational support, emotional support, physical support, partner reinforcement, and to encourage my client's self advocacy. My hope is to be a blessing to my clients and their families. For more specifics on these types of support please visit the FAQ portion on my website:

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    Care philosophy

    My care beliefs include:
    -Mothers should feel secure in their birth place and with their support team
    -Breast Milk is amazing but there is no shame is formula feeding
    -Medical intervention is not shameful
    To read more of my beliefs please visit my blog post:


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    • Doula support
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    • Virtual doula support

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    • Teen parents

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    • Birthing center
    • Home
    • Hospital


    • English


    • Certified Madriella Birth Doula
    • Certified Madriella Postpartum Doula


    Pricing packages

    All Inclusive Birth Package
    $ 750
    This package comes with two prenatal appointments, over the phone support throughout pregnancy, up to 12 hours of birth services, and up to three hours immediate postpartum support. Recommended for first time mothers, mothers with large gaps between kids, mothers whose helper(s) may not be available (deployed, family not close), and mothers who feel they need it.

    One Prenatal Birth Package
    $ 720
    This package comes with one prenatal appointment, over the phone support throughout pregnancy, up to 12 hours of birth services, and up to three hours of immediate postpartum support. Good for mothers who feel they don't need as much as the all inclusive package but still want the support of a doula for their pregnancy and birth.

    Two Prenatals
    $ 315
    Good for mothers who just want some guidance, information, pointers for other support person, and help with pregnancy discomforts but don't want a doula during labor and delivery. This includes two prenatal visits, limited over the phone support, and the opportunity to borrow supplies.

    One Prenatal
    $ 215
    Good for mothers who want a smaller amount of guidance, information, pointers for other support person, and help with pregnancy discomforts. This comes with one prenatal appointment and limited over the phone support.

    Birth Only
    $ 515
    This is reserved for mothers who decide they want a doula while in labor.

    9 hour Postpartum Package
    $ 350
    This package comes with nine hours of postpartum support that are split into three different visits. Good for those who need some help around the house, with the baby, and/or catching up on the to-dos and personal needs.

    18 hour Postpartum Package
    $ 600
    18 hours of postpartum support that are split into 6 different visits. Good for those who would like more help around the house, with the baby, and/or catching up on to-dos and personal needs.

    3 hour Postpartum Package
    $ 170
    One three hour postpartum visit. Good for those who just need a little help catching up on things or getting back into the swing of things.

    Baby Basics
    $ 150
    One three hour visit focused around teaching basic baby care and helping with any specific questions you may have. Good for those who would like some guidance on baby care.

    In Person ASMR Session
    $ 50
    Great for mothers (pregnant or postpartum) who enjoy ASMR videos that are interested in trying ASMR out in person. This 1 hour session includes a variety of triggers common in the ASMR community as well as some that are specially chosen for each client. Not for new clients (case by case) For more information on the service please go to my blog post on the service: Disclaimer: This session is not to replace any medical treatment, counseling, or therapy and is also not a massage

    Sibling Childbirth Education Class
    This is a childbirth education class for siblings who will be attending the birth of their new baby brother or sister. Each class is tailored to the families needs so prices will vary.
    Contact for additional pricing options


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    • Nitalia
      January 7, 2021 at 3:22 am | Client review

      “I would definitely recommend trying the ASMR treatment. With being a new mom and my husband being away the ASMR session helped so much to reduce my stress before my delivery. Natalia was an amazing resource and doula throughout my pregnancy and helped to reassure me as a new mom of all the crazy but normal things in pregnancy.” -Sarah F.

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