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    Practice overview

    When I got pregnant with my first, I dove headfirst into learning all I could about the nuances of childbirth. A friend of mine was training to be a Doula and after hearing what she had to offer, I hired her and I was SO grateful for that decision. I gave birth at a free-standing birth center, with the support of this doula and my spouse for my first two births and because of the encouraging environment created by them, I came away feeling supported and strong. In 2015 I started the process of becoming certified as a birth doula and attended my first births in 2016. I also just finished certifying as a Body Ready Method Pro so I can offer even more to my clients.

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    Families supported


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    Care philosophy

    As a birth doula, my wish is for everyone to be able to bring their baby into the world feeling supported, cared for, and prepared. I believe in the empowerment that comes from taking charge of your own labor that reveals a deeper strength you didn't know was there. You deserve a strong support system so that you can have a beautiful birth experience.


    • Doula support
    • Childbirth education
    • Newborn care
    • Night nannying
    • Newborn nannying
    • Postpartum doula support
    • Birth doula support
    • Babywearing

    Specialties and Experience

    • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
    • High-risk pregnancy
    • Induced and high medical technology labor and birth
    • Over 40
    • Plus size
    • VBAC
    • Waterbirth

    Care settings

    • Birthing center
    • Home
    • Hospital


    • English


    • Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth International
    • Certified Body Ready Method Pro


    Pricing packages

    Birth Doula
    $ 1200 /hr
    Doula Services will include all of the following: - Initial interview - Unlimited assistance by telephone or email throughout pregnancy - 2-3 prenatal visits, one of which being a 36 week prenatal visit to help form birth plan, and plan of action for the doula and how each member of birth team will help you, as well as help you develop a plan for pain management and demonstrate labor techniques. - Continual care at birth site - Emotional support and guidance - Physical support for comfort and to encourage a productive labor - Assistance communicating with other health care providers - One to two hours of assistance immediately after birth - Postpartum visit- approximately two weeks after delivery
    Sliding scale pricing available
    Contact for additional pricing options


    Areas served

    • Kansas City area
    • Lawrence, KS
    • Topeka, KS

    • Amber
      November 24, 2022 at 11:10 am | Peer review
      5 /5

      Betsy is a wonderful doula, who meets the individual needs of each couple she works with. She is constantly striving to expand her skills and knowledge base to provide the best care possible. She will be a fantastic addition to any couple’s birth support team!

    • Lindsay
      November 28, 2022 at 11:00 am | Peer review
      5 /5

      Betsy is a wonderful wife, mother and doula. I have worked with Betsy as a doula for a few years now. She is caring, nurturing, professional and very well informed. Betsy does not promote ideas of her own, but she strives to support families in the way they need to be supported, whatever that looks like for them. This means she provides individualized care for all the families she works with.

    • Meghan
      November 30, 2022 at 11:20 am | Client review
      5 /5

      Betsy supported me through a very difficult birth. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a wonderful advocate. She supported me in every difficult moment before, during, and after the delivery, and genuinely shared in my joy at the arrival of our baby boy.

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