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Brittany Griffin


4 reviews • 15 families supported • 3 years experience

4 reviews • 15 families supported • 3 years experience

I have worked with families for a long time but only recently did I make the shift to focusing solely on mother centered care. I have been a postpartum doula for a little over a year and I have never felt more in my element supporting mothers during this really special time. I own my own doula business and I also work alongside a birth doula, together we offer mommy meetups as well as mother blessing circles as a way to celebrate women into the next version of themselves.

Care philosophy

I want to support and empower you through the fourth trimester. I believe with support, postpartum can be a beautiful, healing experience and my goal is to help you experience just that. I take a holistic/ physiologically based approach with my clients.

Areas served

  • Encinitas
  • Carlsbad
  • La Jolla/ Del Mar
  • Oceanside
  • San Marcos
  • Vista/ Escondido


  • Kristi
    December 13, 2023 at 12:44 am | Client review

    Welcoming Brittany into our home was one of the best decisions we made as new parents to a newborn & toddler. She was our village when we needed it most, navigating the new world as parents to 2 little ones and trying to take care of ourselves too. Brittany brought a positive energy into our house every time she came over, she could intuitively tell what support we needed most in that moment – from giving us a break to rest or shower, to helping meal prep, to entertaining either of the children. She was also a wonderful resource and provided great advice to us. I recommend Brittany to all of my pregnant friends to help ease their anxieties as they become new parents.

$ flexible
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Steffany Dantas

San Francisco, CA

2 reviews • 50 families supported • 10 years experience

2 reviews • 50 families supported • 10 years experience

First time parents may need the help and advice that a professional can offer. Steffany is a experienced newborns care specialists are up to date on the latest techniques for swaddling, colic, breastfeeding, sleep and more. She help’s nurture and care for precious newborns and build confidence in new parents caring for their little ones. She also provide helpful tools and support to families with more than one child. Not all children respond to the same parenting techniques, so a newborn care specialist can be like a breath of fresh air! Steffany is trained to take care of babies from 0 weeks to toddlers, designing feeding and sleep schedule for them and tend to take care of them with love. (Steffany also coach parents!) She is all about the universe of babies and the best techniques to make them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.

Care philosophy

Having a baby is the greatest joy in the world but comes with challenges. I am very empathetic to babies needs and communicate well with parents to make this journey as smooth as possible. Hiring me will allow you to enjoy the best experience of parenthood. You will be able to sleep all night peacefully knowing that there is someone you can trust to take care of your baby

Areas served

  • San Francisco


  • Kalea
    February 3, 2023 at 11:19 am | Client review

    Steffany was our NCS for several months providing night and sometimes 24 hour care. She is extremely reliable, positive, warm, caring and a very gentle caretaker for both newborn and mother. She proactively problem solves all the challenges that come along and easily adjusts to your needs. We loved having Steffany and highly recommend her.

$ flexible
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Katlin Campbell

Carlsbad, CA

0 reviews • 3 families supported • 2 years experience

0 reviews • 3 families supported • 2 years experience

I began my journey and training back in 2019 through CAPPA. My goal is to support and empower the mother and her partner through the experience she chooses by working through any fears she holds towards her role in giving birth and by understanding each part of the journey. I believe that the support I can provide as a Birth Keeper to the mother, partner, and other family members during this journey is invaluable. Preparing women to walk the labyrinth to birth their baby as well as birthing the transformation into parenthood.

Care philosophy

I am here to support and help empower your journey, and your right of passage through mind, body , spirit.

Areas served

  • Oceanside, Ca
  • San Diego, CA
  • Encinitas, CA
  • San Clemente, CA
$ flexible
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Tabitha Lynn

Chula Vista, CA

4 reviews • 250 families supported • 20 years experience

4 reviews • 250 families supported • 20 years experience

In 1994 I acted as a gestational surrogate for a family in Israel, giving birth to their twins. Shortly after, I started a surrogacy agency to help families and their surrogates as they navigated the surrogacy world. It wasn't long until I found myself acting as a doula, although I'd never heard the term "doula" before! When I learned about doulas, I knew it was something I wanted to do! By 2001, I shifted my focus from surrogacy to doula work.

Care philosophy

As a Birth Doula, I feel my role is as an educator. I want the support person as involved as possible. I have given birth to 10 children, and have been a doula for many years, so I have a lot of experience to draw from. As a Postpartum Doula, I assist new families in adjusting to their new roles, provide resources, reassure parents, and even walk the dog!

Areas served

  • San Diego County


  • Iana Gabrielle
    June 2, 2021 at 5:19 pm | Peer review

    Tabby the doula is the truth when it comes to birth work. She is compassionate, thorough, and truly sincere. I have worked alongside her these past 4 years. Tabitha is an amazing community educator, birth work specialist and PAIL advocate. I couldn’t be happier serving expecting parents alongside anyone else. She is forever learning, continuing her education and levels of certification in this field. Tabby shares her knowledge to equip parents and peer educators alike. The birth industry thrives with caretakers like Tabitha in it! I can’t wait to see where her goals take her and hope I am right beside her along the way! Come on Midwife To Be!

$ flexible

Alexandra Harper

San Diego, CA

0 reviews • 7 families supported • 15 years experience

0 reviews • 7 families supported • 15 years experience

The services I provide include birth planning support, birth partner training, prenatal yoga skills training, newborn nanny services, and postpartum doula support. I have always had a desire to care for families and started my journey as a mommy’s helper at 10 years old. From there I have continued to work with all ages. In the past year I have focused on gaining education and experience in the field of newborns and birth support. The past year I have worked with a family nannying their first child and adjusting back to working life with a child. We worked together to meet mother and baby’s breastfeeding needs as well as tools to promote sleep patterns. As I have worked with them I have focused on training myself in new skills that I wish to use expand my practice. In addition to my current experience and certifications, I am currently completing a Lactation Education Counselor Certification. I hope that I can assist you in any of these services and I am happy to discuss any needs and adjust my services to what you are hoping to get out of my services.

Care philosophy

In my practice, I strive to set clients up to feel empowered in their birth plan and identify the support team that meets their needs. Between my training as a birth doula, my prenatal yoga teacher training, and 15 years experience of supporting families with children of all ages, including infants, I would love to assist you in this exciting time of transition

Areas served

  • North Park
  • La Jolla
  • City Heights
  • Hillcrest
  • South Park
  • Golden Hill
  • Point Loma
  • Ocean Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • University Heights
  • Del Cerro
  • San Carlos
  • Mission Valley
  • Clairemont
  • Bay Park
$ flexible

Aaralyn Phoenix

San Diego, CA

0 reviews • 50 families supported • 4 years experience

0 reviews • 50 families supported • 4 years experience

Sacred Mother and Baby was established to give marginalized populations who are at risk for maternal death in San Diego increased accessibility to an affordable doula in an effort to reduce the climbing maternal mortality rate in United States. All mothers should be able to have a doula at their birth no matter their race or socioeconomic status. Link to website:

Care philosophy

All mothers deserve to have a passionate doula empowering them during their pregnancy, throughout labor and delivery, and during postpartum recovery. Mothers should ALWAYS have control of their choices and be aware of their rights as birthing people. My role is to advocate for you when you are unable to upon your request and ensure you have a positive birth experience that you can cherish.

Areas served

  • Spring Valley, Temecula, Murrieta, San Diego

Night Nanny Services: FAQs

A night nanny is a trained professional that specializes in newborn care. They are known as “night nannies” because they arrive at night and offer their nannying services until the morning.

Night nannies are also known as newborn care specialists, which is often abbreviated as “NCS.” A night nanny usually works with new parents for 8-12 weeks after the baby is born. Night nannies are often also called “night nurses.”

It can be incredibly exhausting to sleep train new babies, and a night nanny is expected to sleep train babies. Night nannies can also educate and inform new parents on the best way to feed, bathe, sleep train, and swaddle their children. They are generally available for 8-12 hours during the night and provide nanny services during this time.

Many professional parents often hire overnight nannies in San Diego, CA because they may work long hours. It might be extremely difficult for these parents to get enough sleep to remain productive, and a night nanny can help them begin sleeping properly. Meela can help you connect with a night nanny in San Diego, CA today.

To find a night nanny in San Diego, CA, most parents recommend creating a job post on Meela and having uniquely qualified night nannies near you (in your budget) reach out to you through the Meela app.

You can interview and chat with as many night nannies as you wish and hire a night nanny in San Diego, CA with confidence. It is completely free to create a job post on Meela and find a night nanny. There are no commitments to hire any of the qualified and expert vetted night nannies Meela brings you.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Post a job for free: Answer some questions and receive responses from top-rated night nannies near you. It takes less than 30 seconds to post your job.
  2. Get your list of night nannies: In a few hours, you will have a collection of night nannies near you who are qualified to meet your needs. You can compare pricing, experience, and read reviews. You can chat with each night nanny to learn more about them.
  3. Hire a night nanny with confidence: Schedule virtual or in-person interviews with your top night nanny choices. Hire your top night nanny and start getting your family the care it deserves.

To find a night nanny, you can also browse the available night nannies near you in San Diego, CA and read reviews, compare pricing, experience and fit. Send the night nannies you are interested in a message, introducing yourself and setting up an interview. We recommend reaching out to and interviewing at least three overnight nannies before hiring a night nanny near you. After interviewing, hire the most qualified overnight nanny near you and start getting the care you deserve.

The cost of a night nanny can vary based on a variety of factors, including their experience, their services, and their skills or specializations. Overall, the average cost of a night nanny in San Diego, CA is $25-40 per hour.

It should be noted that the price of a night nanny in San Diego, CA will likely increase if the night nanny is contracted to deal with twins or multiple children. Also, a night nanny’s cost may depend on their level of education, the needs of the newborn, or their exact responsibilities for specific clients.

There are some situations in which your insurance company will help you cover the costs of childcare, and this can obviously help those parents that want their baby’s needs met but might not be as financially secure. Unfortunately, a night nanny usually isn’t covered by insurance.

However, there are some cases where a night nanny is covered by insurance. For example, if your child health issues, parents may want to check to see whether their night nanny costs can be covered by their insurance company since their role is more directly related to your child’s health.

There are many situations in which parents might consider a night nanny in San Diego, CA. First, both parents might be working long hours, which means that neither of them have the time to actually bathe/feed/swaddle the child when necessary. Some parents might already rely on friends and family, but realize that they require more help when it comes to their children.

A night nanny is also often most necessary in situations where there are twins or triplets. These parents simply may need extra help to care for these children night after night, and night nannies can help take over some of the workload. For first-time parents, for example, having to care for multiple children for the first time can be overwhelming and stressful. Other parents might also be dealing with mental health issues or postpartum depression.

A night nanny is expected to care for the baby as the parent would if they were awake. Night nannies wash baby bottles, prepare feeds, sterilize pump equipment, and more. Overnight nannies also bathe, feed, diaper, and swaddle the baby, as well. A night nanny can also provide care in situations where the mother might be recovering from a C-section, for example.

In many cases, the process is simple: a parent often hands off their baby to their night nanny so that they can get some much-needed sleep. The night nanny remains at the household until the parent(s) wake up, and then night nannies leave once the parents can take over child care duties.

Every family’s needs are different, but night nannies are expected to burp the baby, bathe the baby, prepare formula, and provide other nanny duties. In summary, overnight nannies in San Diego, CA are expected to keep the baby fed, comfortable, clean, rested, and dry.

However, night nannies are not expected to complete household chores that are unrelated to baby care. It’s also important to note that a night nanny in San Diego, CA will obviously need to get their rest, as well – so bedding must be provided. A night nanny typically sleeps once the baby is already resting and their nanny chores are complete.

A night nanny can often help parents with emotional support or provide extra help for a sick child. An overnight nanny in San Diego, CA can help reduce stress and anxiety for many new parents who might have issues with their work-life balance.

One of the most obvious differentiators in the world of night nannies in San Diego, CA is the fact that a night nanny might have specific experience with children of a specific age. Some night nannies might have certifications such as nursing certifications or sleep certifications. Many night nannies are often involved for the first six weeks of childbirth, and some of them remain with parents for months.

For example, some night nannies might have specialized skills for children aged 1-2, while others may be more experienced with children aged 3-4. Obviously, the responsibilities of these night nannies in San Diego, CA differ depending on the age of the children that they are supervising.

Some night nannies might be CPR-certified or first-aid certified, which can give more peace of mind to parents who might be concerned about potential sleep or breathing issues. Other overnight nannies might specialize in newborns that have colic or reflux issues, as well.

There are some overnight nannies in San Diego, CA that might be open to caring for your child while you are traveling out of town, while other nannies might not be available for that amount of time. There is no certification required to become a night nanny in San Diego, CA. However, some night nannies choose to become newborn care specialists, and undergo NCS training.

There are some families that try to compare the concept of a “night nanny” to an “overnight babysitter.” The main difference here involves the level of commitment that a night nanny has to a newborn, versus a babysitter that may only have to provide minimal care to a newborn or child.

A babysitter is often not responsible for actually creating/fixing meals for newborns, washing their baby bottles, or doing their laundry. While a babysitter might monitor a newborn or make sure that they are safe – a nanny might spend time soothing a newborn, swaddling them, or taking care of their meals and clothes. A nanny has more obligations than a babysitter, and are considered more of an “extension” of the parents.

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