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Hózhó Doula Care

    Practice overview

    My journey as a birth worker all started when I became pregnant with my son Sage. My husband and I were so thrilled at the thought of becoming parents. I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to have a homebirth. It was such a spiritual experience. I didn’t know the strength and endurance I had in me to birth my son.

    Just knowing what power every single person possesses in bringing their baby's earthside was so profound and magical to me. I soon right after became obsessed with everything that had to do with womb wellness, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and herbal support. I knew right away that I wanted to utilize my compassion and energies on supporting parents in every way I could, especially in the postpartum period. I joined a labor doula workshop at Birthingway College of Midwifery in the summer of 2019 and the Doulas of Color Business Workshop beginning of 2020 to learn more. Shortly after joining, I decided to start my own practice and that is when Hózhó Doula Care was born.

    I was born and raised in Tulsa, Ok, and have lived in Portland for the past 9 years with my husband, my son Sage, and 2 cats, Bev and Carol. I am a Diné adszáán (Navajo woman) who is strongly passionate about herbal support, anything wellness, reproductive health, and justice. I come from a strong lineage of Diné who have passed down to me what it is to be an Indigenous person in this modern world we live in now and how balance is key to life.

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    Families supported


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    Care philosophy

    My approach is a fusion of Holistic, Spiritual, and with Evidence-Based Information
    Birth is 100% spiritual and physiological. You are bringing another life through from a spiritual portal, you and your baby work together to do this. That alone is such a transcendent interconnected journey. Not one birth is the same, each is different and unique, your story is yours and yours alone.


    • General childbirth education classes
    • Birth doula support
    • Postpartum doula support
    • Virtual doula support

    Specialties and Experience

    • Cesarean birth
    • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
    • High-risk pregnancy
    • LGBTQ
    • People of color
    • Previous birth trauma and/or birth injury
    • Previous life trauma
    • Single parents
    • Survivors of sexual abuse
    • Teen parents
    • VBAC
    • Waterbirth

    Care settings

    • Birthing center
    • Home
    • Hospital


    • English


    • Birthingway College of Midwifery with Brooke Noli
    • Doula’s Business Workshop for Doula’s of Color with Kimberly Porter and Raeben Nolan
    • Spinning Babies Workshop approved by American College of Nurse Midwives with Kelly Dungan
    • Cultural Competency Course with Think Cultural Health
    • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Maternal Health Care with Think Cultural Health
    • Trauma-Informed Care with Jesse Remer and Astrid
    • Elimination Communication for BIPOC Caregivers with Raeanne Madison from the Anishinaabe Tribe
    • Postpartum Healing Lodge with Raeanne Madison from the Anishinaabe Tribe


    Pricing packages

    Labor/Birth Package
    $ 1000
    Starting with the date of hire, this service includes: Unlimited text/call/email to answer any questions concerns or just to talk. 1-3 prenatal visits depending on your needs to go over your birth preferences, comfort measures and techniques, childbirth education, preparing for the postpartum period, etc On-call starts at 37 weeks until you birth your baby. Continuous support throughout the whole laboring and birth process. Guaranteed backup in case of illness or emergency. 1-2 Postpartum visits to process your birth, help with any lactation/bodyfeeding questions, prepare you a sitz bath, etc.
    Sliding scale pricing available
    Contact for additional pricing options


    Areas served

    • Portland Metro
    • Vancouver


    • Emily
      March 29, 2021 at 9:32 pm | Client review

      Having Lindsay as my doula was the best part of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. During pregnancy, Lindsay created herbal teas, bone broths, soaking salts and more specially mixed for me. When I got sick, she even made pregnancy-safe teas to help me heal. One of my favorite things about working with Lindsay, was meeting for walks to check in on my emotional and physical wellness during pregnancy. In labor, she helped make sure my space was as comfortable as possible and helped me with comfort measures. After my son was born, she helped me process my birth experience and held my baby for me while I took a shower. I’m so grateful that I had such an incredible doula to guide me through pregnancy.

    • Rachel
      March 31, 2021 at 9:03 pm | Client review

      I couldn’t imagine going through my first birthing experience without Lindsay. From the first time we met I felt calm and at ease in her presence. She offered so much support, encouragement and wisdom to help guide us through prenatal, labor and postpartum. Her amazing tea blends, herbal concoctions, and healing recipes were nothing short of magical and wonderful to enjoy. During early labor, she stayed with me through the night allowing my partner to rest and save energy for the long birth. She offered and included so many meaningful touches and supportive elements that made the birth even more memorable and amazing. She now feels like family to us and our baby. Lindsay is truly an invaluable ally for anybody getting ready to experience giving birth.

    • Jacy
      April 6, 2021 at 3:52 pm | Client review

      My son was born on Christmas Day and Lindsey was right there with us.

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