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    Practice overview

    Hello! My name is Elise (she/her), and I’m a certified IDI full spectrum doula. I’ve worked with children for many years in my hometown of Toronto but when I moved to New York I decided I wanted to take my skills to the next level. I want to help the people in my community have empowering and informed pregnancies and births. I believe education and support are the keys to living a higher, elevated life. When I’m not working with birthing people and families, you can find me practicing yoga, meditating, painting, singing and dancing. I also enjoy watching comedies and sci-fi drama series with my husband and my cat, Mittens. I’m looking forward to connecting and getting to know each other more!

    -E xoxo

    Years experience


    Families supported


    Birth Rate


    Care philosophy

    My care philosophy centers around communication & understanding. Not only in the forms of knowledge & information but also when it comes to the body & mental health. Training for birth can be simple with the right support team.


    • Childbirth education
    • Doula support
    • Birth doula support
    • Postpartum doula support
    • Virtual doula support
    • Nutrition
    • Lactation support
    • In-home lactation visits
    • Virtual lactation visits
    • Babywearing
    • Newborn care
    • Sleep training

    Specialties and Experience

    • Cesarean birth
    • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
    • High-risk pregnancy
    • Induced and high medical technology labor and birth
    • Over 40
    • Prematurity
    • Single parents

    Care settings

    • Birthing center
    • Home
    • Hospital


    • English
    • French


    • International Doula Institute - Cert. Birth Doula
    • International Doula Institute - Cert. Postpartum Doula
    • International Doula Institute - Cert. Lactation Counselor
    • International Doula Institute - Cert. Childbirth Educator
    • International Doula Institute - Cert. Perinatal Nutrition Educator
    • Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting - Cert. Newborn Sleep Specialist


    Pricing packages

    Birth Doula
    $ 1850
    Birth Doula Package: $1,750 5 x Prenatal Sessions Labor Support 1 x Postnatal Follow-up Session **Text support included. **Bi-Weekly Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Sessions Included
    Sliding scale pricing available
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Daytime Postpartum Doula
    $ 55 /hr
    Postpartum Doula Packages Daytime Support: $45/Hr (Minimum 5hrs between 9am – 11pm) -Personal Care -Assistance with post-birth recovery whether vaginal or cesarean birth -Cooking a set of meals/light housekeeping/laundry -Being a soundboard for all the questions weighing on you Baby’s Care -Assistance with breastfeeding, pumping, hand expression, and bottle feeding -Assistance with infant care including bathing, and soothing techniques like baby wearing -Sleep and Feeding strategy sessions Don’t know your schedule yet? That’s ok! We have an option to Pay As You Go. Pay As You Go Support is $60/hr (Daytime only).
    Contact for additional pricing options

    Childbirth Education
    $ 175
    This class is a 1 day intrusive or 2 day split 5 hour course. We will be covering the stages of labor, birth positions and what to expect during childbirth. We will go over understanding the pregnant body and its hormonal changes, comfort measures and techniques for labor, and partner support. Knowledge on medical interventions and perinatal nutrition education is included. This class is available in both private or group setting.

    Lactation Conseling
    $ 175
    We provide one on one counseling sessions that include: -Lactation education & resources -Assessment of chest, latch and baby’s lingual frenulum -Create a feeding plan **Text support included.

    Virtual Newborn Sleep Consultation
    $ 250
    Virtual Newborn Sleep Consultation Package: $250 45-60 min phone/video consultation Customized newborn sleep plan 2 weeks text/email support At Home

    At Home Newborn Sleep Consultation
    $ 500
    At Home Newborn Sleep Consultation Package: $500 45-60 min phone/video consultation Customized newborn sleep plan 3hr in-home visit 2 weeks text/email support At Home


    Areas served

    • Westchester County, NY
    • Rockland County, NY
    • New York City
    • Fairfield County, CT
    • Hudson Valley, NY
    • Putnam County, NY
    • Orange County, NY
    • Bergen County, NY


    • Dena
      September 2, 2022 at 10:46 am | Peer review
      5 /5

      Elise is friendly, patient, energetic, understanding, kind, caring, and committed to her work. I can’t imagine she would have trouble getting along with anyone – in the first minutes of meeting her, you can feel like you’ve been friends for years. She is a great listener and open minded. She wants to provide the best support she can to her clients. Elise comes to her work from a place care and support, which can be felt in her work.

    • Salome
      September 2, 2022 at 10:48 am | Client review
      5 /5

      Elise is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, caring and kind amongst other things. She is a wonderful Doula, who was always there for me whenever I called and is always patient with all my needs. I would highly recommend Elise to any family who would require an experienced Doula she would be a great asset to any birthing team.

    • Lana
      September 7, 2022 at 11:39 am | Client review
      5 /5

      I hired Elise as my birth doula as well as my postpartum doula for daytime/overnight care. She stayed with me the entire time I was giving birth in the hospital. Then she stayed with me overnight at my mother in laws for a week after I gave birth, and a few daytimes at my condo afterwards. I did an induction which was a little scary, but she made sure I knew what was coming and helped me relax so my body could do its thing. She held my hand through most of it. She was very knowledgeable about my baby’s first bath, how to swaddle, how to change a diaper and how to burp. Elise also helped me with my initial latch and encouraged me to continue breastfeeding. She always made sure to keep my condo tidy so when I did have the energy to get up, everything was in order. She cooked a few times for us but my mother in law did most of the cooking. When I started losing hair this year, she gave me a ton of information on what to do so even though she’s not my doula anymore, she still checks in on me and wants to help. She definitely was everything that I expected to get from a doula. I would say I trust her judgement 10/10. She’s reliable, kind, and informative. She was always there for me when I needed her most.

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