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Found 6 Pros in Birmingham, AL, USA | Birth doula support
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Families served
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Birth fee
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$ flexible

Breanna smith

Altoona, AL

0 reviews • 5 families supported • 3 years experience

0 reviews • 5 families supported • 3 years experience

Starting after my own vbac success in 2015 I couldn't get the feeling that more women need to have proper support and knowledge about birth and what there options are. I dream of a day that all women know that they have a say in there own birth and that our young women have proper schooling on how and why our bodies do what they do. But until then I will be here to help everyone I can.

Care philosophy

My mission is to support you and your family in any way I can . Giving you back the power over your birth experience with education and emotional physical and holistic care.

Areas served

  • Gadsden
  • Boaz
  • Huntsville
  • Decatur
  • Oneonta
  • Rainbow city
  • And everything in between
img img

Kristin Bryan

Hayden, AL

3 reviews • 21 families supported • 6 years experience

3 reviews • 21 families supported • 6 years experience

Care philosophy

I believe in women and parents making fully informed decisions. I do not come with a personal agenda for how birth should look, but to help each achieve her best birth possible, empowered, and equipped for every change that comes.

Areas served

  • Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga


  • Joy
    September 6, 2022 at 10:34 am | Client review

    Kristin was awesome during the whole thing. Professional and approachable. Met me where I was and walked with me and my husband.

$ flexible

Tori Rodriguez

Birmingham, AL

0 reviews • 17 families supported • 4 years experience

0 reviews • 17 families supported • 4 years experience

I believe in providing a safe space that values flexible and informed choices about your care. Together, we'll spend time focusing on nurturing your spirit and respecting your unique path.

Care philosophy

Each journey is beautiful and sacred. You and your family deserve to be cared for by someone is who compassionate and knowledgeable. In the heart of my care philosophy is an unwavering commitment to compassionate, traditional, and spiritual doula support. I believe in honoring the profound journey of each individual, intertwining traditional wisdom with modern evidence-based practices.

Areas served

  • St.Clair County
  • Shelby County
  • Jefferson County
  • Dallas County
  • Lowdnes County

Kirsten Green

Tuscaloosa, AL

0 reviews • 2 families supported • 1 years experience

0 reviews • 2 families supported • 1 years experience

Hi y'all! I'm Kirsten, a fun-loving, supportive, millennial doula and professor. For the last eleven years I have had the pleasure of guiding young adults through their matriculation and mentoring them after graduation. Some of my favorite moments have been supporting the young adults in my life during their journeys into parenthood. After supporting a young sexual assault survivor with her pregnancy I decided it was time to certify and officially begin my own journey into birthwork. I offer in person and virtual services to those in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas. You bring the baby and I'll bring the vibes for the birthing experience you've been imagining!

Care philosophy

I believe that every body is capable of bringing your baby Earth side. Sometimes, interventions are needed, and if that should arise I believe that you have a right to informed consent. My goal will always be to support you in an effort to achieve the birth experience you imagined. Everyone deserves a peaceful, loving birth experience that matches their energy and vibe.

Areas served

  • Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Hoover, AL
  • Northport, AL
  • Homewood, AL
  • Bessemer, AL
  • McCalla, AL
  • Moundville, AL
  • Vance, AL
  • Duncanville, AL
  • Vestavia Hills, AL
  • Hueytown, AL
$ flexible

Ashley Lester

Birmingham, AL

0 reviews • 6 families supported • 1 years experience

0 reviews • 6 families supported • 1 years experience

Hello, my name is Ashley Lester and I am a Full Spectrum Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist located in Birmingham, AL, and surrounding areas. I am currently certified as a highly qualified Social Science teacher but after giving birthing to my two children I started to see how increasing obstetric violence is and how high the Black maternal death rate is in my state as well as in the county. I knew I had to do my part to help birthing persons in my community so I decided to become a doula. So I began training as a Full Spectrum Doula through the Birth Advocacy Doula Training Program. The program goals of BADT is to bring necessary education to birth workers seeking to go beyond the standard doula role and into advocacy for the underrepresented. I also hold a certification as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through the Women's Choice Perinatal Services training program. The placenta encapsulation training program allows for me to have the knowledge and skills needed to safely provide placenta services for my clients.

Care philosophy

Full Spectrum Doula Care

Areas served

  • Jefferson County
  • Shelby County
img img

Natia Nixon

Birmingham, AL

3 reviews • 1 families supported • 1 years experience

3 reviews • 1 families supported • 1 years experience

Hi, I am Natia J. Nixon and I am a birth doula in training. I serve most Alabama communities for their birthgiver journey but reside in Birmingham and frequently go to Huntsville. I also do virtual doula services via Zoom or phone call. In order to get my full doula certification, I need to attend three births. Because of this I am offering doula services at a discounted price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or to my email at [email protected]. My Instagram is and to be consulted for birth plan creation, breastfeeding, or to see if I am a right fit to be your doula please schedule through Thank you.

Care philosophy

My doula philosophy is to always advocate and be there for those who cannot or those who need the extra push.

Areas served

  • Surrounding areas of Birmingham


  • Daunte
    December 14, 2020 at 6:07 pm | Peer review

    She’s super nice, talented, and is a perfect fit to be a doula.

Doula Services: FAQs

A doula is a professional that provides emotional, physical and educational support to new parents before, during, and after childbirth and into the early postpartum period. Doulas are companions who strive to give families a safe, positive, and healthy labor experience. They provide parents with evidence-based information and education on childbirth and are someone who the parent can turn to with questions and concerns about having a baby. Doulas also take an active role in collaborating with the parent to create a birth plan.

A certified birth doula offers advice and techniques to help reduce the stress that the parent often experiences during childbirth and provides you with education about different aspects of delivery and labor and what comes after.

There are two ways you can hire a doula through Meela in Birmingham, AL.  

You can browse through the available doulas in Birmingham, AL and send the doulas you are interested in a message, introducing yourself and setting up an interview. We recommend interviewing at least three before hiring your top doula.

You can also hire a doula in Birmingham, AL in three easy steps:

  1. Post a job for free: answer some questions and receive responses from top-rated doulas in Birmingham, AL. It takes less than 30 seconds to post your job.
  1. Get your list of Birmingham, AL doulas: in a few hours, you will have a collection of doulas near you who are qualified to meet your needs. You can compare pricing, experience and read reviews. You can chat with each doula to learn more about them.
  1. Hire a doula with confidence: schedule virtual or in-person interviews with your top doula choices. Hire your top doula and start getting the care you deserve.

While the cost of a doula can vary based on experience and the services offered, you can expect the average cost of a doula in Birmingham, AL to be $848, which is the average cost of a doula in the state of Alabama. The cost of a doula in Birmingham, AL can range from $709 to $986. These costs are based on a representative group of 39 doulas surveyed by Meela across the state of Alabama. The average cost of a doula in Alabama is lower than the U.S. national average cost of a doula, which is $971.

When hiring a birth doula in Birmingham, AL, you and your doula will discuss and agree upon a fee structure, and your doula will send you itemized invoices through Meela, which you can pay securely through the app.

Some insurance companies will cover all or part of the cost of hiring a doula. Contact your insurance company to find out if they offer any coverage for hiring a doula; not all insurance companies do.

You can hire two types of doulas in Birmingham, AL: a birth doula and a postpartum doula. The birth doula is during your pregnancy and through the birth of your child. They provide you with emotional, physical and educational support during your pregnancy, your labor and delivery and for the first few hours after your child is born.

A postpartum doula will support you for the first few weeks after the baby is born. They provide in-home assistance, including teaching you how to take care of your newborn, acting as lactation consultant, and can provide some night nanny services.

Yes, a birth doula can provide support during a Cesarean birth and delivery. Doulas are non-medical professionals and do not replace obstetricians, physicians, midwives or nurses. They are an additive member to the team and provide emotional, physical and informational support to the birthing parent, partner and family. It is up to you whether the certified doula can remain in the operating room during the procedure.

When you hire a doula in Birmingham, AL, your services typically include several in-person prenatal sessions, 24/7 phone and text support, full attendance throughout your labor, and several hours of support immediately following your birth.

A doula in Birmingham, AL can help you in any kind of birth. Certified doulas are able to assist parents in creating the ideal “birth environment” and help parents deliver their baby safely. A doula can provide support during the birth whether it occurs in a hospital, a home, or another birth center of some kind. Doulas are there to support you in your desired birth preferences, whether that is a preference for natural, non-medicated, assisted, C-section or anything else.

Certified doulas can also act as a liaison between you and hospital staff regarding your childbirth expectations and preferences. For example, if your preference is to have a non-medicated birth, a doula can help guide you through that process and create a personalized birth plan. A certified doula in Birmingham, AL does not replace medical staff (such as your obstetrician and nurses).

When a surgical procedure is required, there are some situations in which a birth doula can also remain in the operating room, although this is not an expected obligation. A certified birth doula can also assist hospital staff to improve the overall birthing experience. A doula in Birmingham, AL will typically stay with the parents for several hours after birth to help them with birth recovery.

Evidence suggests that a birth doula in Birmingham, AL can help improve parent satisfaction with their baby’s birth and delivery. The involvement of a doula can also lead to shorter deliveries with less complications.

Recent studies show that parents who have a support person like a doula by their side throughout labor and childbirth are more likely to:

  1. Give birth without the need for pain medicine
  2. Describe their birth experience in a positive way
  3. Give birth without the need for medical intervention, such as C-sections or vacuum delivery
  4. Experience a shorter labor

You can hire a doula early in your pregnancy to allow you time to get to know each other and to begin planning for your later trimesters, labor, birth, and aftercare. It is ideal to hire a doula when you are around 20 weeks along, but you can start looking for one before that.

It is never too late to hire a doula in Birmingham, AL; you have right up to your due date to find a doula near you and receive all the benefits of doula support.

While many people think that a doula and a midwife are the same thing, their educational background and job duties are different. Doulas are non-medical professionals who provide emotional, physical and educational support, while also offering actionable advice and guidance to new parents about how to nurture their baby.

A midwife is a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) or a certified midwife (CM). CNMs are medical professionals that are certified and licensed by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. CMs are also certified, but they do not have nursing backgrounds.

Doulas are not medical professionals; they focus on the emotional support for the parents and the family before, during, and after the birth of the baby. Their job is to provide information, advice, and support to the family not diagnose any medical conditions or provide medical advice.

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